About Us

MotionZen is Expert networking, wireless, iot development and Data warehouse development and traning company. We are strong in wireless and 5G NR LTE telecommunication , Data Warehouse tools and technologies

MotionZen was incorporated with the vision of a group of engineering professionals with a singular focus: to deliver the superior skills and services necessary for quality product development in the embedded systems and Linux OS market. To deliver the highest levels of performance to our customers, it is necessary to promote a culture that fosters respect for individuals as well as their professional growth.

Development and Training

Our embedded systems engineering expertise in Wireless, Access, IoT and Cloud Infrastructure to get your product to market on time and on budget, with less risk.

Software Consulting Services

We are an online and offline skill development programs providing industry-relevant programs for professionals, designed and delivered in collaboration with world-class faculty and businesses. Merging the latest technology, pedagogy and services, we deliver….

Human Resource Consulting

We believe in better staffing that builds a better managerial organization. Backed by this ideology, MotionZen helps job seekers in Bangalore , Chennai India with a suitable job opportunity at various firms that match their candidature. We have a strong database and an updated market intelligence who headhunts candidates legible for the profile and then shortlist them for the further recruitment procedure.


We develiver the quality service to our clients and customers on time. Our top management will continueously monitor and keep information and status trasperant to the customers.

Skill Enhancement Programs

Apart from the development ment of product, We provide skill enhancement training in advance technologies.

Product Development

We engage in development and innovation in new technology and incorporate / leverage all the essentials in our product development

Software Consulting Services

We do take software development turnkey project, Just outsource project and just expect quality product from us. Our well experianced and training resources will ....

HR Services

Our Human Resource Team will provide highly technical talented resource to our clients. We always ensure the candidate are suitable to post

Contract Employees

You take project and just and leave us the human resources, we provide quality resources to you. When project work finished, You need not worry about the human resource, we will take care.

Career Guidence and Placement

We give carrer guidence to can candidates based on there skill, IQ , ability work on specific skills. And possibly we reffer and give in houe job to the candidate.

Why choose us?

We develiver the quality service to our clients and customers on time. Our top management will continueously monitor and keep information and status trasperant to the customers.

Technlogy Experts

We passionately believe in proactive support and are focused on making IT as reliable as possible. Our highly technical and dedicated resources are involved in development of products, consultancy and servcies.We make learning funand we fundamentally believe people learn best in a relaxed and enjoyable environment, providing a range of support services to meet the needs of industry and to solve theier industrials problems along with training. Know more about MotionZen.

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Top Management

Our top-level management is responsible best decision makers for creating and implementing organizational plans and policies and is a professional who is at the executive level. They work as a negotiator between the top-level and lower-level managers and customers. These professionals can work to guide the overall direction of an organization. Know more about MotionZen.

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Quality Delivery

Our software delivery manager and team is primarily responsible for coordinating and managing the entire software development process and delivery the quality and best results. He or she oversees a project to ensure its success by coordinating teams, resources, and activities. Team will ensure that , apply all best quality methodologies. Know more about MotionZen.

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Our management and Technical expert team

Sateesh Kumar G

Chief Technology Officer

Meenakshi S G

Human Resource Head


Visionary Advisor


Sales and Marketing

Our Clients

Our prestigious clients and customers companies. We involved with then directly or indirectly as solution providers